For Patients

From September 2012 we will be able to offer a Private Flu Vaccination service at a time which is convenient to you. The NHS will only provide vaccination to at risk patients, through our service a wider range of people can benefit from the vaccination programme.

For Business

Flu is one of the top three causes of sickness absence in the UK and last year cost the UK economy £1.6billion. As your local independent community pharmacy, we are dedicated to providing an excellent healthcare service to our community, which of course includes employees of local businesses.

As an employer ourselves, we are conscious of the financial implications of staff sickness and the impact that this has on a business. We would therefore like to offer local organisation a flu vaccination service to help reduce the instances of flu related absences.

We would be prepared to deliver the service in the convenience of your own workplace at a mutual agreed time.

We hope that you will see the benefits that this vaccination programme would give, not only to your employees, but also to your business.

If you would like more information, then do not hesitate to contact us.