The DMR service builds on the Medicines Use Review (MUR) service and offers the opportunity to ensure that patients discharged from secondary to primary care, receive support and information relating to their medication.

It is also the opportunity to check that the medicines prescribed in one care setting match those prescribed by the GP. The aim is to reduce wastage, support patients and reduce re-admissions to hospital.

The DMR service involves two interventions; the first intervention will involve checking whether the medicines prescribed in the discharge setting match those prescribed by the GP.

The second intervention will involve a discussion around the patient’s use of medicines and will give chance to ensure that any discrepancies have been rectified.

Key Points for inclusion in service

  1. Patient discharged from a care setting are eligible for the service including hospitals, mental health clinics and prisons.
  2. The pharmacy must have a copy of the Discharge Advice Letter (DAL).
  3. The patient must meet one or more of the following criteria:
  • Their medicine has been changed during their stay in the care setting.
  • They are taking four or more medicines.
  • They require a multi-compartment compliance device.
  • The pharmacist has reason to consider that the patient would benefit from the service.
  1. The Pharmacist will explain the service to the patient and gain their consent to share information with the GP, LHB and NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership.
  2. Consultations can be completed face to face or via the telephone if you have prior agreement with the patient.